Members of the SYMFONIX ORCHESTRA are outstanding instrumentalists who have gained their experience in renowned Polish and other European orchestras. They are enthusiasts of the art of music and they take joy in music.

At the beginning of 2017, the decision to form our ensemble was made. SFX in the name denotes that this is a group “for special tasks”.

Its repertoire includes a wide range of attractive classical music, but we also offer new, beautiful, inventive, captivating, and often unconventional arrangements of timeless popular pieces. We add to this some humour and some “special effects”.

The professionalism of performance and the virtuosity are the starting points for experimentation, combining various music genres, playing techniques, styles.

Our concerts will be a time of new, unforgettable experience, powerful emotions, musical elevation. A time of experiencing fulfillment and freedom.

Besides well-known and appreciated works, we perform very thrilling, interesting new themes created especially for SYMFONIX ORCHESTRA.

Our concerts will always be dynamic artistic events. Sometimes, intriguing shows created jointly by the group of dancers and singers.

Piotr Komorowski